Sounds Nice, But….

My Ysabela is more like me than I originally realized. She was “scheduled” to hang out with her best friend this evening, but as the time grew nearer, she was dragging her feet about it. She confided to me that she “just didn’t want to leave the house” tonight. Her friend’s mom and I just made an on-the-fly change; I went down to pick up her friend to hang out here instead. On the way back home, we chatted about how a good plan sounds great sometimes until the time comes and we have to actually do something! She knows my girl pretty well.

I like the idea of hanging out with certain people, but I have to be in the right frame of mind. I don’t know how many times I have planned to go somewhere and do something fun just to be too lazy or unmotivated to actually go do it! Once I’m home in my jammies, I have to be dragged away.

Looks like my “apple” didn’t fall too far from the tree, right?

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