Apples Everywhere!

Last night I spent a relaxing evening cooking with a new friend. We work together, but we hadn’t had time to really get to know each other until recently. Her mother had given her a few apples, so I suggested making fried apple pies with my mom’s recipe. Laurie, my new friend, had never heard of those, so I emailed Mom for the recipe and away we went!

Laurie’s mom surprised her by bringing over more cooked apples for our pie-making enterprise. That gallon of cooked apples multiplied to produce a few apple pies for each of us, three baked confections, one large apple crisp and two small ones. Laurie sent the two small crisps home with her mom so she could bake them at home and enjoy them with her husband.

By the time we were done cooking, it was after seven. Laurie’s mom left with her apple yummies; I took my stash of apple goodies home soon after. Laurie and I decided to sample the apple crisp after school today with coffee. We did a great job! Thanks, Mom, for the recipe!

One of my fried pies...tasted pretty good!

One of my fried pies…tasted pretty good!

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