Firefighting and Facebook

Gear is ready to go!

Gear is ready to go!

After taking the Recruitment and Retention workshop at fire school in May, I realized there’s a lot of pieces to the puzzle. I feel pressured to keep reading and asking questions. We have a lot of experienced firemen in our department, so the newbies should take advantage of that knowledge. Most of the guys have forgotten more than I will ever learn! That being said, we all do monthly training so we will be sharp when a call comes. Having the gear ready is the easy part!

Many hours have been put in to create a training center for our department and firefighters in the surrounding area. The guys want to be able to practice rope rescue skills along with everything else.

Training Center

Training Center

Our department has a brand new Facebook page: Mullen VFD Community. Go check it out. There are quite a few pictures already there, and more will be added as time permits. The new page is part of our marketing effort, so feel free to share the link, comment, etc.

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