Yes, I Can!

I told the guys on the fire department that I can drive anything with wheels. I think they doubted me. There was no reason for doubt; I really did learn to drive (many years ago) on a manual transmission.

One of our trucks that I don't drive.

One of our trucks that I don’t drive.

What was the big deal? I wanted to be able to drive the tanker truck. Josh rode shotgun and let me have my chance. He explained that speed tops out between 52 and 55 mph. It’s also top-heavy, so I will need to practice safe turning techniques.

The guys are all taller than I am, so nobody wants that particular tanker because they joke about having to open the door to hit the clutch. Not a problem for me! Being short has its advantages!

Have I ever mentioned that I can get lost in a paper bag? It’s a fact. The best thing that can happen is for me to drive and have a top-notch navigator with me! After all, what good is “my” water truck if I can’t find the fire? I might also need to buy a step stool…..

This is the one I can drive.

This is the one I can drive.

Another view of "my" truck

Another view of “my” truck

The Chicken Chick

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