Lonely Only? I Don’t Think So!

Growing up as an only child, I heard a lot of comments, mostly from adults, about what I was supposedly missing by not having siblings. Of course, the comments usually came from people with large families. Things like, “Oh, I bet you get lonely a lot,” always annoyed me. I’m here to tell you, those people had no idea what they were talking about! They had to have been projecting their fear of loneliness onto me! I found it amazing that they were experts about my feelings! 😉

Most of my friends have siblings, and I have observed the squabbling, drama and aggravation caused by multiple kids in the house—even when those kids are grown! I remember my school friends fighting with their sisters, or their siblings following and bugging us when I stayed with them. After a sleepover, I went home with a healthy appreciation for my only child status! I was rarely lonely; I did get bored at times. Bored and lonely are very different feelings! That’s when I would listen to music and/or read a book. I learned to be okay by myself. Kids today seem to expect constant entertainment. Life is not like that!

As I mentioned, I spent quite a bit of time in my room reading. My mom would always come to drag me out to “be social.” Even then, I preferred books to people. I never felt like I was missing anything by being an only child. I don’t remember ever wanting a sibling. If given a choice now, I still wouldn’t!

The results of being an only child: I don’t like drama and avoid people who cause it. I don’t share my stuff, and I aggressively protect what is mine. I enjoy time alone. Reading is still awesome. I rely on myself and my own abilities. To me, all of those things are positive! 🙂

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