Homeschooling=Big Business?

It feels like every website I visit for information lately is trying to sell me something. Let me clarify. I have visited a lot of homeschooling sites in the last few weeks looking for free resources. A lot of homeschool families spend money for boxed curricula, but that has never been my style. My older daughter used the Alpha Omega books for a variety of reasons many years ago, but it was never my first choice. My younger daughter and I used Five in a Row. I am not selling anything; I am just informing you.

For newbies, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices out there. I have homeschooled before, and I get information overload! Most of the books can be found in the library, but I love books and didn’t mind buying them on ebay in lots. It felt more like a treasure hunt than actual shopping!

If you are looking for supplies to buy, at least check out the free items first, and ask homeschool groups if they have any co-op materials or second-hand items for sale.

Just last Friday, I saw an advertisement on television for, a free online school. Keep in mind our “local” TV station is in Denver; we live in Nebraska. I called and left my information, and a rep called me back a little later. The school is based in Virginia. Anyway, the rep didn’t have many answers, but I did find out that the “independent study” program can be used here in Nebraska, but to the tune of $800 per class. Yikes! School is big business, and some companies have found their niche with homeschooling families.

One of my friends attended a homeschool conference this year. She was able to take her kids, but noisy kids and parents were thrown out because the sessions were being recorded for people who couldn’t attend. This conference is supposed to be a Christian one, but from what she said, it didn’t have a “welcoming” vibe, but that’s another story!

For once, I would love to be able to check out a website without feeling that a “hook” had been set to interest me in buying something! I don’t mind ads on a website, but enough is enough! And don’t tell me something is free and try to sell me something else.

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