Bite My Tongue

The following responses are things I wish I could say to people who ask silly and/or rude questions or make comments that are offensive. Some people do not realize how offensive some remarks can be, so consider this a heads up.

Offensive Remark #1 (to parent of homeschooled children): What about socialization?
What I want to sarcastically say: I’m totally against it! The kids spend most of the day locked in the closet.
The reality is that most homeschooled kids are very well socialized. You appear uneducated when you make a comment like this because you have obviously confused socializing with socialization. Socializing as we know it refers to hanging out with friends in social situations. Socialization refers to getting along and acting appropriately with people of all ages. Most homeschooled children are able to appropriately interact with adults, peers, etc., with little trouble. Parents go out of their way to have interaction with homeschool groups and play groups as well as shuttle the kids to dance class, the library, church, museums and the local nursing home. I think that covers socialization quite well.

Offensive Remark #2 (to parent of homeschooled children): Aren’t there some “gaps” in their education?
What I want to say: Why do you consider it your business? What do you remember from high school? Can you give an example of an isotope? Can you tell me what you know about fractals? When you give me a confused look, I can then tell you, “Oh, I see I found your gaps!” Face it—we all have them. The reality is that education and intelligence are partly about knowing where to find information not stored in our heads!

Offensive Remark #3: People should choose a spouse that is of the same race.
What I want to say: Are you referring to the human race?
The reality is people are people. No race is better than another.

These three examples are the ones that bug me a lot, but there are more. Others include (but are not limited to) things like: Why can’t everyone speak English? We should send all the foreigners back to their home countries. I’m sure you can add your own examples. I am trying to be less judgmental and more thoughtful. I wish others would do the same.

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