Ready, Set, SING!

The Voice audition passes were supposed to be available Saturday via email, a week before the audition. Bela’s pass was not there. I was so stressed! Darci, a gal from town who has been through this drama before, was a key support person. She kept me from having a panic attack meltdown this morning! Thank you, Darci!

I happened to find the Facebook page and read the announcement that audition passes would be available at 12 today. Whew! After checking my email a million times, I left work to find a printer at school. It’s official! Ysabela has her pass, and I have the release forms to sign. Everything is in a folder, ready to grab and go. We’ll be having a (hopefully) leisurely drive Friday. Saturday should find us well rested and ready! Whoohoo!

Ysabela and her artist pass!

Ysabela and her artist pass!

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