Don’t you love the way television manipulates us? I mean, think about it. There’s Honey Boo Boo (God help us!), Jersey Shore and now Big Smo. I don’t know any of the characters personally, but I do know they wouldn’t have been a blip on my radar before I saw them on television. I think the producers search for the most ridiculous people possible to use in a show. After they have all the publicity (good or bad), the unsuspecting public is duped into watching to see what stupid things will happen next. In the process, the ratings go through the roof and the characters become stars. The people on these “reality” shows aren’t really as stupid as they are portrayed—I hope. These people surely laugh all the way to the bank. The joke’s on the television audience.

Once in a while, someone will be a real “find.” Maybe once in a blue moon, a talented person will get a real break and become famous. Look at the rest, though.

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