Travel, Anyone?

I don’t mind working to make a living, but I feel a bout of “itchy feet” coming. If I can’t travel every now and again, what’s the point of working so hard? Anyway, I want to see the world. On my list so far: Spain, Ireland, Australia. I will jump at the chance to go to Mexico anytime since there are people I love and miss there. I often joke that I can be packed in 10 minutes, ready to go! I’m only half-joking.

The reality is that I am almost irreplaceable at home. There are pets to feed and water, so I must plan carefully for their care. It’s difficult to trust someone to take care of them like I do. I can send the dogs to daycare. Fortunately, in my town there’s a pet boarding business. I’m so thankful for a place like Koko’s Palace. I know my babies will be cared for and loved. My jobs require coverage as well. Prime travel time for me is summer, but the catch is I work more hours in the summer at my part-time job. The good news is that I can arrange time off when I need it.

Anyone else have a burning desire to see some castles and experience other cultures?

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