Mother Trucker-Part 2

Nashville was finally showing on the road signs!!!! Wait…that meant Ysabela and I would be on our own. Hmmmm.

Joseph pulled the rig into a truck stop, and we had one last discussion about my directions. (Road warrior Pam was sleeping.) He said he’d call us when he turned off to offload, and I would continue driving. By this time, naturally, I was getting tired and my back was hurting. My neck was tight, and I swear I had a cramp in my palm from gripping the wheel.

I thanked him for all the help he and Pam had given us. I felt a bit sad at being on my own again, but home was a lot closer than before!

Ysabela and I went back to playing Banana! and Punch Bug! to amuse ourselves. (I’m sure I won the banana game.) I started singing with the radio to stay alert. We drove and drove (and drove) until I felt it would be dangerous to keep driving. At Cookeville (TN), I gave in and got us a room. I figured I could breeze on home after I got five or six hours of sleep. After all, I had been driving for a whole 24 hours. Enough already! I had been driving like it was my job! The trip was taking longer than I had anticipated and I was feeling

Part 3 is on the way…..

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