I Just Can’t Relate

I love watching House Hunters International. There. I’ve said it. Don’t judge me. The people who have a budget of a million dollars are so far out of my league that I just can’t relate to them. I am happy they have that much cash to spend, but at the same time, it is not—for me—a realistic budget.

I have news hot off the press for these rich folks. I can find them a presentable house (in Mexico) for MUCH less. The Mexican price is not the same as the American price for a house. You just have to know where to look. If you go to the real estate ads online, be sure you will pay the American price. There are some pretty houses (for a pretty price). Many have a few acres too, BUT wouldn’t you rather find a little jewel for a great deal? Do you really need a hacienda to be happy?

The episodes I can’t get enough of include regular, working folks who have a realistic (to me) budget and are looking for that one special home, perfect or not. Like me, they will search for a home with “rustic charm” and “good bones.” I can definitely relate to those people. After all, what’s wrong with doing some upgrades and not paying top dollar? That’s what we did when we moved from the States to Mexico. I still love that house. 🙂 The best part? It was WAY under a cool million.

our humble Mexican abode

our humble Mexican abode

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