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Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

Do I do more for myself or for others? I am not sure, actually. I do a few things for myself. I work a second job, but I don’t sign up for more hours than necessary. Sometimes I feel selfish, especially if I’m asked to work a shift and I just don’t want to work. I am so tired and mentally drained that I need my evenings to get it together for the next school day! I have a house to run and a teenager to parent. I make sure I have coffee in the house, too. (I do that for myself AND my child!) Grad classes take up more of my time and energy, but I’m doing that to increase my earnings to benefit my family. I am a workaholic (I think) because it feels great to be able to buy what my daughter needs without counting change. I love learning new things, but I get bored really fast! Then I move on to the next challenge. I keep learning stuff for ME!

I do things for others when I can. Animal rescue is important to me. My pets have all been adopted or otherwise rescued. I donate money to the Rodeo Club at school, and I have had a collection tub for items that went to foster kids. My students are good about putting things in for the foster kids. My classes have adopted soldiers, and I send coupons to deployed families as often as possible. I have spent time working as a CNA and a foster parent. (I found out that fostering is not for me.) I’m on the volunteer fire department as well. Is that sufficient?

I guess we all do what we can when we can. I just hope that’s enough.

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