Juggling Chainsaws

I feel like I’m juggling chain saws lately. Let me explain. I have a full-time job as a Spanish teacher with a history class thrown in for fun (and it has been a blast so far!). On the weekends, I do laundry at the local nursing home. If you’re counting, that’s two chain saws in the air. I am also studying for my Master’s (in Spanish, of course) and taking six credits (two classes) each semester. I’m counting each class as a chain saw, so that’s four, right? Did I mention I have two lovely daughters? Only one is still at home, so she counts as my fifth. I also have a house full of furry kids, so let’s figure them all as one more. (They are darlings, and they are considered family.) Since I’m a volunteer firefighter, I am glad things have not been very flammable lately. I do, however, have meetings to attend.

Right now I feel that all the chain saws are in the air—but it is a precarious situation. I have the sinking suspicion that one is about to drop to the ground. Let’s just hope it doesn’t whack off something important when it does.

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