Shopping with Laura

Wow! It ought to be illegal for Laura and I to go shopping together. Our mission Saturday was to take some pictures for the blog post I had planned. Sounds really simple, right? So we thought. We took my Ysabela to be our model for clothing, and I figured I’d try on some clothes while we were there. Stay tuned for that story in a day or two. I need some recovery time before I write about that.

Laura treated us to lunch. So far, so good. Las Margaritas in North Platte has great Mexican food. We proceeded to the farm and ranch store we both love, and I bought some rabbit chow and a few shirts for Ysabela. I could rationalize that easily enough—the clothes were all on sale. (How I love a bargain!) On our way to the mall, Laura asked if we could stop at a furniture store to check prices on a “chair and a half.” Since I had no idea what she was talking about, I innocently accompanied her.

Let me pause to bring my dear readers up to speed. The last time Laura and I hit the stores, I out-spent her by a couple hundred dollars. It was not really my intention, but that’s the ugly truth. At any rate, I thought I’d do better this time. I was thinking that last trip was the exception. Back to the story….

We got to the furniture store, and I was educated about the chair and a half. I saw some beautiful horse pictures and one of a wolf. (Both species are favorites of mine, but I resisted the temptation and left them on the wall.) I was so proud. We know from the Bible that pride goes before the fall, but I didn’t see it coming. My new queen-size bed will be delivered Thursday. In my defense, I needed it! It was also ON SALE! When you have a big woman, a kid and two small dogs (that stretch out like slinkies) trying to sleep or watch a movie in a full-size bed, space is at a premium. There have been times that I have opened my eyes to realize I had about a foot of space for myself. I hope that will change this coming week.

I was intelligent enough to not finance that new bed; I am proud to say I paid cash for it, even though it hurt a bit. Then we hit Wal-Mart after going to the mall. As Laura and I compared our receipts, she snickered and said, “You blew me out of the water again!” (The mall story is coming soon.)

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